Acquiring Life Skills Through Coding

Since 2014, coding was introduced in British schools for pupils from the age of five.

Since that same year, Eden School has included the subject in the school curriculum.

Coding or programming involves using languages ​​to ask a computer to perform functions. Increasingly, schools around the world are seeing the importance of teaching this skill to children.

We already live in a world that is dominated by software. Our television programmes are broadcast on the internet, we use software as a means of identification, we use the internet to do our shopping … Soon our house will be controlled by software and in the near future our cars will drive themselves….

Today, software is becoming ubiquitous in our lives. It’s the new language of our world. In the future, knowing the language of computers will be essential.

Teaching computational thinking is not just conceived with the purpose of developing websites, applications, and software… It can also benefit children who are not necessarily interested in computer programming, but who would like to better understand the technology itself and how it shapes our world.

Computational thinking is the way programmers solve problems. They produce a code that combines mathematics, logic and algorithms, and that teaches us a new way of thinking.

Learning to code is learning to tell the machines what to do. This implies the ability to master a problem: this implies that we must split larger tasks into a logical sequence of smaller steps, then diagnose errors and finally, if necessary, envision new approaches.

Complex problems can be tackled effectively and on a large scale. It’s about creating real-world models with an appropriate level of abstraction and focusing on the most relevant aspects.

We will not all become developers or programmers, but acquiring skills in the field of computational thinking can allow us to organize our thinking in a different way. These skills will help us understand and master technological tools of all kinds and solve problems in many disciplines.

One of the important concepts we learn when teaching coding at school is that the children learn that we are all allowed to make mistakes. This helps the child feel more at ease, ready to learn.

It is said that the best way to learn to get up is to fall. When teaching coding at school we learn that we must make several attempts, make mistakes and look for a solution to a problem.

Teaching coding teaches students skills that will be useful to them in a variety of subjects at school and throughout their lives.

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