Nadine Gaudin, a world-renowned trainer, has kindly accepted to do a Zoom session on Positive Discipline Tuesday 24th of November from 9am to 12am. We hope this will enable you to take a step back during these difficult times and share some of the challenges you are facing as a parent directly with her. Positive Discipline is a powerful tool that we have been using at Eden School for more than 6 years and which allows us to provide children with inter- and intra-personal skills such as responsibility, respect for oneself and for others, self-confidence, finding solutions, etc.

More specifically the workshops will focus on the following topics:

1. Coming back from school (how to talk to your child about school) + validating emotions
2. Family Exchange Time (all the tips for a successful Family Exchange Time)
3. Work on error (its importance in education and how to overcome it)

These workshops will be held in French. You may register by following this link:

A contribution of 30 CHF will go towards compensating Nadine for dedicating her experience and time to us.

We hope that by joining this morning of training you will be able to improve your relationship with your child and more importantly better understand and appreciate yourself as a parent.