“Reading Rally”

We strive to encourage young readers that find pleasure in reading, that turn to reading in an efficient way and that acquire this habit for the rest of their lives.

Many studies have been conducted on the impact reading has on academic outcomes at school. They have demonstrated that throughout their school careers, reading plays an essential role and constitutes a key element for their success. Also, good reading habits learned during the preschool years help the children to progress in their school careers and learn more easily in all areas as well as become lifelong readers.

In this light, our goal is to improve access to quality reading materials in a physical, educational and cultural sense, and to implement a series of tools to ensure their effectiveness. Most importantly, these measures must create a positive attitude towards reading and develop cognitive abilities and strategies.

For this reason, we have offered our children to participate in a “Reading Rally”

The objective of the Reading Rally

The Reading Rally allows the children to read a great amount of books in a short period of time. The“challenge”works as a motivating element to encourage the children to read whole books. The books are of different levels so that each student can find reading materials that are in accordance with their reading abilities.

How the Reading Rally works

During a set period of time, the students read books which they can choose from a list of titles. Every time they do so, they must answer a series of questions on a computer program. Each time they complete a questionnaire, they are awarded points.

The final ranking will depend on:

  • The amount of points
  • The amount of books read
  • The percentage of correct answers in their questionnaires. A slow reader may well get positive results as his comprehension can be good, but a fast reader may not take the time to achieve comprehension and therefore, obtain a lower score.

A more“formal”moment will be organized so that we may announce the results of the rally and give each student their“diploma”.


The theme of the Reading Rally

Our school project revolves around a common theme. This year the team chose to work on the topic of“Art”. Therefore, as is to be expected, so do the books chosen for the Reading Rally. Fifty titles within the different levels of difficulty and styles: from novels to documentaries and even comic strips, shed light on the chosen subject (architecture, calligraphy, poetry, music…) have been made available to the children.

Why work on the Reading Rally?

  • To find joy in reading
  • To feel empowered as the student takes his/her own choices
  • To inspire interest in a certain subject
  • For the student to read, and read, and read some more. The more our students read, the more pleasure they will find in reading

Parents get involved

As in all our projects, parents become involved. They can share the books and the joy of reading with their children.

For the younger children or the students who have some difficulty reading, parents can read to their children so that they may instill positive habits and the love of reading.

Reading gives you wings. The social and academic benefits are many: for the younger children, it is an intimate moment and a feeling of well-being together with the adult; for everyone, it is a way of learning about the world and a way of enriching their own lives and projecting themselves into the future.