It’s «Back to School» for the Teachers

It is Monday, 22nd of August. The staff is gathered around a cup of coffee. Today each of them is living the beginning of a new school year.

«How are you?» «Did you have a nice summer holiday?» «Welcome, Oriane!» She is our new teacher assistant.

Once the greetings were over, Magali Wahl began the first meeting of the school year.

The themes are varied, including the Eden School of tomorrow. The team engages in foresight, we listen to each other and debate while Christèle Gattone, our secretary, takes notes.

« Will you apply this objective this school year, or in a year’s time, in two, three, five years?»

Our future school takes shape in the midst of the excitement of the discussion.

Christelle Charvier informs the group of the following topics…

«We must finish the schedules and the class lists with the students that registered during the summer.»

«The English teachers meetings.»

«The French teachers will discuss the new French books.»

«What day will the parent-teacher meeting take place?»

After that, Stanley, who is in charge of the IT in the school, talks to us about an application we will use with the children of CP.

A delivery truck appears at school with a palette full of new school materials.  Things are assigned, distributed; we come and go through the school corridors and stairs. We take advantage of the occasion to arrange the furniture and give the school a thorough cleaning.

The beginning of the school year requires a physical effort from the teachers!

Three days are devoted to a course we had begun the previous year: Positive Discipline.

Nadine Gaudin guided us and completed our knowledge on the subject. She helped us replicate real-life classroom situations through role-play. We take turns as we play the role of the students or the teachers. These roles help everyone rethink their teaching practise and incorporate the words «firm and kind». We share moments that reinforce our relationship with each other.

The future of Eden School is emerging today. This is our present. It is in this light that we consolidate our work and hope to build strong relationships with our students and their parents.

Welcome back to school, everyone!