The success of Eden School at Artgenève

The fifth edition of the yearly «Artgenève» exhibit took place in January. And, for the first time, Eden School participated in this event.
During the course of the event, Eden School presented a surprising installation in the shape of a paper forest. This delightful space allowed the visitors to view works of art by the students. Eden School also offered a novel virtual reality experience thanks to a VR headset that immersed the visitors in the heart of the school
Eden School goes past teaching the basics: it offers the children access to all artistic expressions with a hands-on approach that invites them to develop these projects in a concrete manner. The presence of Eden School aims to reinforce this view of education in the area of the Arts and Humanities.
In 2015, the children produced three short films with the aid of a professional producer, each of them taking specific roles: actors, writers, director… These films were exhibited at the Grütli theatre and presented by the students themselves, as if in a Cannes screening.
2016 led the students to take a different approach to art : Land-art, a contemporary vision that aims to work with the materials found in nature.


Seeing the school and the artwork exhibited in a beautiful setting amongst visitors and collectors of art was a unique experience for students and teachers. It was a splendid opportunity to give value to their work and become acquainted with the work of the artists.
During the event, guided tours and workshops were offered to the children who visited the exhibit with their parents: an introduction to coding, Legos, origami, chess… the teachers of Eden School welcomed their young visitors to discover their school environment.