3 niveaux competences EN webIn recent years, numerous scientific studies have led to a better understanding of child development and of the learning conditions that are favourable to the student. Many links must now be made between cognitive sciences and school, as proposed by the EDEN school.

Beyond mastering academic content in a specific subject, our objective at Eden School is to bring students to skills of mind as well as intra- and interpersonal skills that are transferable from one subject to another.

To access these skills, it is necessary for the teacher to change his or her position in the classroom. The entire teaching team has been trained for several years in many tools that enable children to be active in their learning.

The complementarity of these skills will be essential for your children in a constantly changing world.

We develop the unique potential of each child through:

  • small class sizes;
  • bilingual French/English education (50/50%);
  • learning methods based on neuroscience research (cognitive science and neuro pedagogy);
  • awareness that mistakes are wonderful learning opportunities
  • a combination of effective classroom practices: independent workshops, the Flipped Classroom, Montessori, the Project Approach…) which allow us to take into consideration the different learning styles of the children
  • hands on approach for both children and teachers
  • academic goals tailored to each child’s abilities
  • complimentary subjects such as philosophy for children, coding and mindfulness geared towards developing logical and mathematical thinking skills, structured thought processes and self-regulation of emotions,
  • Positive Discipline at the heart of all relationships between members of the school community
  • a school-wide project in line with our values



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